Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Spring Wildflowers!

Today was spent leading 2nd graders on a two hour hike at Indian Creek Nature Center which was a really fun time. Those kids were so observant and found so many things along the trails.  I had a great time! Hmmm...wonder why everything is underlined in blue???

Well, once the hike was over I wasn't ready to go back home. Spent another couple hours wandering the hills and trails. I just can't get enough of the woods in the spring and as promised...MORE WILDFLOWERS!

                                                                  ?Wood Anemone?

 Wild Ginger- notice the maroon colored blossom that lies on the ground. This plant is        pollinated by beetles and other crawly bugs.

                                                                      Virginia Bluebells

                                             Trillium or Toadshade-One of my favorites!

Enjoy the spring. There is so much out there!
Prairie Clover

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