Friday, February 6, 2009

Teaser Days

Ah Yes, this was one of those "teaser days". You know...the kind of day where you feel like spring may just be behind the corner...but it's not. Dang.

I checked my computer for the actual temperature several times today and when it reached the magic number of 42 
degrees I ventured out on the trails. 

Please notice there are still several inches of snow and I happened to wear my tennies. What was I thinking? Did I really think the trails would be snow free? I did form a perfect snowball though.

I am wondering how the trail really looks under all that snow. This area was terribly washed out with the flood. Notice the foot or so step up to the bridge. Used to be flush. 

Soon we will start tapping the maple trees for their sap and boiling it down for that sweet sweet treat of early spring. Maple Syrup. Can hardly wait.

Soon the crocuses will start peaking up through the snow offering their cute little blooms to brighten our day.

Soon the male cardinals will sing love songs to lure potential mates.

Soon it will be spring!

Do ya think if I kiss this frog it will turn into a prince?

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